Thesis certificate of originality

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Thesis certificate of originality

Curriculum The content of a Curriculum is drawn up by a special committee consisting of at least 5 professors active in the specific scientific field. The committee is set up by the dean or the Director of the Faculty in TEIsthe director of the department and in the case of collaboration among different departments of the same University, it is set up by the relevant deans.

The content of the Curriculum is approved by the rector or the President of TEI who takes into consideration the proposal of the assembly. The Internal Regulation defines matters that have to Thesis certificate of originality with the setting up of the committees. It also defines the preconditions and the procedure for the annual changes in the Curricula.

It is possible that a first cycle Curriculum may include and recognize the credits of modules that have been materialized in other HEIs of the country or abroad. A protocol on cooperation between the 2 Institutions concerned is drawn in this case. First cycle Curriculums include compulsory lessons for learning at least one foreign language.

A Curriculum goes to the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency, before the dean or the director of the faculty in TEIs assigns its materialisation to the department.

The Curriculum includes the titles of the compulsory lessons, the compulsory by choice and the optional lessons, their content, the teaching hours which include every form of didactic work, while it also makes clear the time sequence and the interdependence of the lessons.

It also includes the qualifications and specialisations that the educational staff need to possess in order to achieve the learning outcomes set. According to the National Qualifications Framework of Higher Education each Curriculum also includes the learning outcomes and the qualifications acquired through the programme as a whole and through each lesson, educational activity or in-service traineeship.

It includes the credits according to the relevant Ministerial Decision, the level of qualifications and their equivalence with those of the National Qualifications Framework, the Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning and the qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area.

A Department Curriculum may include courses from other Departments and provide courses to other Departments belonging to the same Faculty usually in the form of co-tutoring. In the Translation - Interpretation Departments and the Departments of Foreign Languages and Literature English, French, German, Italian and Spanish Language and Literaturemany courses especially the compulsory ones are taught in the respective target language.

In parallel, many HEIs, within the context of their educational and general training aims, provide students with the opportunity to learn one or more languages throughout their studies, as these are necessary tools for their academic development.

They also offer students linguistic preparation intensive courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad.

Faculty of Engineering

Study programmes can be taught in whole or in part, exceptionally, in a foreign language, based on a decision of the rector or President of TEIissued upon proposal of the deanery of the faculty concerned or of the faculty directorate in TEIs and approved by the Senate of the institution or Assembly of TEI.

The organisational charter of each institution may also provide for the organisation of programmes for the teaching of the Greek language to foreign students or for the teaching of foreign languages to Greek students, beyond those required for the acquisition of their degree.

For the academic yearthe Hellenic Open University offers the following graduate Curriculums leading to a relevant degree: Students may chose from 1 and up to 3 modules per year minimum duration of studies 4 academic years.

This amount applies for the duration of 6 years of studies.

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Every academic year, the Hellenic Open University grants scholarships for excellence and scholarships based on the combination of financial, social and academic criteria. Teaching Methods Teaching is divided in lessons with 1 semester duration. The definition of teaching is: In tertiary education, teaching methods and teaching aids are established by the educational institutions.

The Organisational charter of each Institution includes specific provisions related to the organisation and operation of cycles of study, as well as the terms and conditions for the application of distance learning methods.


Teaching and learning is assisted by respective textbooks or other supporting material distributed to students free of charge. In many cases, this task is also assisted by audio-visual aids, new technologies, and electronic teaching aids made available by each Department as material and technical infrastructure.

Every semester includes at least 13 whole weeks of teaching. In exceptional cases this period may be extended so as to complete the required minimum weeks of teaching. The extension may not exceed 2 weeks and requires a decision by the rector or of the TEI president which is based on a proposal by the deanery or of the TEI faculty directorate.

If for any reason the number of didactic weeks is less than 13, then the module in question is considered as not having been taught and students cannot be examined. In the case of examination, for any reason, the result is not considered valid and the grade is not calculated.

The Hellenic Open University achieves its objectives through high quality learning material, especially adapted in terms of format and content, so as to allow high quality distance self-learning and regular student assessment.

This material might be in printed books, notes, assessment formsaudio-visual, or electronic form multimedia, Internet, etc. Students may attend the Curriculum of their choice wherever they live in Greece or abroad.


Tutor-student meetings are held in the following cities: Progression of Students Students register at the beginning of each semester during dates set by the deanery. They also declare the modules they chose to attend. If a student fails to register for 2 consecutive semesters then he is automatically disqualified.

There are three examination periods during each academic year:CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY This is to certify, that the research paper submitted by me is an outcome of my independent and original work.

I have duly acknowledged all the sources from which the ideas and extracts have been taken. The project is free from any plagiarism and has not been submitted elsewhere for publication.

Marianne Grant, studying at the Vienna campus, has been selected as the winner of the Graduate Thesis Award in International Relations for "Buying Time: The Effect of Costly Signaling and Interdependence on Low-Conflict Duration." Webster Thailand student Len Thanh Vu received a certificate of honorable mention.

Thesis certificate of originality

Thesis written in English or Portuguese: point, Times New Roman and a statement of originality. l) References soft copy of the thesis to the academic unit will not be allowed to collect their certificate, even though their graduation has been approved by the University.

certificate of originality The work contained in this thesis has not been previously submitted to meet requirements for an award at this or any other higher education institution.

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“What has been my prettiest contribution to the culture?” asked Kurt Vonnegut in his autobiography Palm answer? His master’s thesis in anthropology for the University of Chicago, “which was rejected because it was so simple and looked like too much fun.”.

Thesis / Dissertation See “Research Requirements and Awarding of the Certificate and the Graduate Degree” to determine the length of time available for the completion of your degree requirements, including the provide evidence of originality and critical judgment.

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