The factors affecting the merger of elektrolux and zanussi

And in another case that was widely covered in newspapers, in OctoberPatricia Russo, the CEO of the Alcatel-Lucent merger, admitted that after three sequential profit warnings, the results of the merger were lower than expected The Associated Press, October 31, Many research studies conducted over the decades clearly show that the rate of failures is at least 50 percent.

The factors affecting the merger of elektrolux and zanussi

Some other long term issues those Electrolux has taken as strategic — Increasing the productivity, procurement, and logistics efficiency Continuous product and employee development Strengthening the brands of Electrolux Building a strong global brand Scope Scopes of Electrolux captured by Hans Straberg from the annual report are: Continue to cut cost and kick out market complexity in all aspects of operations Increases the product renewal based on consumer insight Increasing investments in marketing and building the Electrolux brand as a world leader in electronic industry.

It was strategic, because Electrolux had a choice between concentrating on one area, or many outlets all over the world.

Electrolux was active in a sector with strong global competition and sustainability.

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Business Environment Globalizing products and related services all over the world and there will be more concentration on product development, brand-building, marketing etc.

Market polarization make changes in consume, strengthening global competition and growth. Thus increasing the demand for both basic and higher-price products. Consolidating retailers with more big retail chains and fewer traditional dealers. That helps Electrolux with wide geographical coverage, high purchase volume and to keep prices low.

Advantage over its competitors Another aim for Electrolux was gaining advantages over its competitors. So maintaining competitive production costs is a prerequisite for survival in the market. For the achievement of obtaining competitive advantages Electrolux introduced the following: Providing quality price by globalization has offered high quality product at affordable prices.

Shift to low-wage countries to move from the US market after Mexico. Shifting competitors focus on product development marketing and brand building Established talent management to develop future active leadership, international career opportunities and a result oriented corporate culture to build up good human resources.

Meeting strategic fit with the business environment Strategic fit was also a strong issue for Electrolux. They are trying to set a strategic positioning differing from its environment through niche market in a particular segment.

According to the review of Hans Straberg, Electrolux is expecting the group to report higher profitability again in by launching some new products in both North America and Europe.

For this purpose, strategic decisions usually are trying to achieve any advantage for the organization. The problem for Electrolux was that it was losing the advantage in the fast-growing economies and this forced them to prioritize building the Electrolux brand globally, as well as in all product categories.

The advantage can be achieved in different ways and differently interpreted.

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Organizations use conclusion it must be strategically improve its cost position through better coordination at the global level.

For example, Electrolux designed a project to drastically reduce the number of suppliers. Electrolux is attempting to bring out the strategic capabilities of the staff. For example, they established talent management processes and tools to ensure group access to competence in the future. Strategies need to be considered are not only the existing resource—base of the organization which is suited to the environmental opportunities but also in terms of resources those can be obtained and controlled to develop a strategy for the future.

The beliefs and values of these players have a more or less direct impact on the organization.the use of corporate culture analysis Yaakov Weber School of Business Administration, College of Management, or other related financial factors such as the choice of payment methods.

The authors indicated that other factors must be Electrolux-Zanussi merger: Mergers and acquisitions process. Mergers and acquisitions process. Electrolux – the acquisition and integration of Zanussi.

Discuss Electrolux – the acquisition and integration of Zanussi within the Marketing Management forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Hi! friends!! I m presenting before you a case analysis/study on Electrolux Contents: 1) Problems of .

Electrolux ± the acquisition and integration of Zanussi. Tushar Narula MBA(IB),2nd semester D Inefficient in compare to competitors Limited product line The core business was made up vacuum cleaner & absorb ± caninariojana.comms of Electrolux!!

This chapter describes the factors of success or failure in mergers and acquisitions according to three main areas: economics and finance, strategic management, and organizational behavior.

The overarching theme of this book is that only the combination . Electrolux confirms the acquisition of Veetsan May 29, — News Electrolux has acquired Shanghai Veetsan Commercial Machinery Co. Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of professional dishwashers in China. 5.

The factors affecting the merger of elektrolux and zanussi

Even the most talented business leaders are generally not experts in the various stages of a merger and/or acquisition. Moreover, given ongoing demands of the business, they do not have unlimited time to devote to merger activity.

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