Ongkas big moka

Original release Ongka's Big Moka: Andrew Strathern served as consulting anthropologist for the film. The film follows Ongka's struggles to accumulate huge numbers of pigs and other items of value to present at a Moka ceremony to another tribe.

Ongkas big moka

The Kawelka of Papua New Guinea 60 min. Disappearing World Series Ongka, an endearing and charismatic tribal leader of the Kawelka tribe of highland New Guinea, has spent five years using all his skills as an orator and negotiator to amass the pigs and assorted other valuables — including a motorbike— which he will give away in a festive ceremony, a moka.

DER Documentary: Ongka's Big Moka / Odyssey

In highland society, status is earned by giving things away rather than acquiring them, and a moka is the single-most important ceremony. Another big man from a neighboring tribe who will be guests at Ongka's big moka is a member of the PNG parliament Rumbicole: Ongka's favorite wife Riemer: Ongka's rival, an aspiring big man in the Kawelka tribe 1.

Why does Ongka desire so strongly to hold this big moka?

Ongkas big moka

How do Kawelkans feel about their pigs? What is given at a moka besides pigs? What determines when a moka will occur? How is a "big man" able to get together the massive amount of wealth necessary for a successful moka? Who is Ongka's most important backer? What is the relationship between inter-tribal warfare and mokas?

Why can't Ongka's supporters just deliver their pigs when they are ready, instead of holding the series of small mokas? How does Ongka rally his reluctant supporters?

Why is the enemy tribe so paranoid and aggressive at the death of their bigman? How does Ongka attempt to defuse this explosive situation?

Peroa would just as soon not be responsible for a return moka for Ongka's people. What does Ongka think about this? Why was the big moka delayed?

Ongkas Big Moka Case Study Solution and Analysis of Harvard Case Studies

How would an anthropologist explain this seemingly irrational disposal of so much hard-won wealth?Ongka Big Moka is a great video describing the traditions and scenarios that an individual go through on a daily basis to obtain power. This really opened my mind to how similar our country is to theirs.

A Big Man acquires their power through particular actions and particular skills - you don't become one by right, you must earn it through people agreeing you deserve it What skills does Ongka have that help him become a Big Man? Ryan Waddell "Ongka's Big Moka" Reflection As far away from our culture as it seems, this film easily parallels our culture in a huge way; the constant struggle to .

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In highland society, status is earned by giving things away rather than acquiring them, and a moka is the single-most important ceremony. Ongka’s motives in planning his big moka are to gain influence over rivals and to win a sort of immortality for himself and his tribe in a changing world.

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