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More space, a little more privacy and now claims of on board wifi; this is looking good. It is quite surprising to me that it is not possible to get a direct flight from my local airport to any of the London airports. However the Amsterdam based Royal Dutch Airline fills this void for access to long haul destinations via Schipol Airport.

Merge air france klm

Drink 4 out of 10 from reviews. Now the airline has considerably reduced it's prices, and offers more discount fares. However the airline still has very much a low-cost approach to inflight service it charges for inflight alcohol, for example and cut-price fares can be hard to get, particularly in the summer.

Occasionally the airline will also offer very cheap tickets to the US from Europe, so despite all its downsides, the airline keeps on going. Icelandair has a venerable history, which the airline will tell you about, at length, on each flight.

Oddly, the airline now also owns ten percent of the UK lowcost airline Easyjet, although it says there are no plans to merge the services.

It is Icelandair, not Air Iceland, or even just Iceland - that is the country. In short, Icelandair is certainly well worth trying if you're a bit bored with what other airlines offer, and it offers a decidely novel way to get over the Atlantic.

Icelandair a Boeing on the stand Icelandair Classes, Seats and Fleet Icelandair used to operate just one aircraft type, the Boeingin two variants, however Boeing has stopped production of the type because of the lack of orders, so Icelandair may be forced to switch to a new type soon.

Merge air france klm

In any event it is really only suitable for the medium volume low cabin-service hub to hub routes which Icelandair operates. Icelandair now has a fleet of 11 s, and had now branched out by buying it's first Icelandair seats Icelandair Boeing Icelandair cabin The Boeing is the smaller version, seating in two classes, flying 3, miles.

Some of these are quite old, with Icelandair's oldest built in All seats have a pitch of 38 inches. In economy all seats have a pitch of 31", with the most sought after seats being row 9, the emergency exit rows although here there is only a thin sliver of a windowand row 16 and 17, the overwing exits where there is a whopping 38 inches of legroom and good windows.

Avoid row 7 and 8, which are on the right, opposite the single forward loo on the left. Icelandair emergency exit seats Icelandair Boeing The Boeing is larger, but that advantage is sacrificed in terms of a smaller range, seating in two classes, but with a range of just 3, miles.

The most sought after seats in the are in rows 21 and 22, the emergency exit rows, where there is a whopping 38 inches of legroom. Icelandair at Keflavik Icelandair Boeing Icelandair has recently invested in a secondhandwhich previously belonged to TWA.

It is used on routes to Portugal, and the new long route to San Francisco. It carries 30 business and economy class passengers, with a crew of With a twin isle at least the cabin service is quite quick, but the plane's age is starting to show.

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It has an old s style business class seat - the headrest slides up, and wings fold out. Row 1 gets a bulkhead with cot fitting and a danger of children. All seats come with a fold out video screen.

Seat row 23 is a bulkhead with two clear windows and a nice fold out table in the armrestbut often gets cots clamped to the forward wall. Row 32 gets an emergency exit, and a slim sliver of a window. There is a window in the door ahead of you - and its not over the wing.

Icelandair the new Bento box Iceland onboard inflight experience News: Icelandir Air are introducing "Bento" boxes in economy for food on shorter routes, such as from the UK, instead of a full tray, although the hot food remains, and it will only offer cold rolls.

Similar boxes have worked very successful for bmi, as they take up less space and don't need recycling, however other airlines like Qantas have scrapped them. On Icelandair flights the cabin crew do dress very formally - in particular the pillar box style hats look distinctly old-fashioned.

If only for this reason reviews and opinions are mixed about IcelandAir, however some passengers perfer it. As you sit down, there is some truly terrible lift music playing - occasionally spiced up with country and western, or rock hits from the 70s.

It is not a very good start. After boarding, a trolley of Newspapers is brought around - Icelandic papers of course take preference, although there will be a Mail, Express, and Times from the UK.

This trolley firstly starts in business, and then only goes as far down economy as there are papers left; accordingly it pays to sit at the front. Helsinki Icelandair In business you have to find your own seat, and you are offered a glass of water, orange juice, or Sparkling Wine.

In the single isle s in economy to speed up the service, there are three trolleys, which serve from front to back.

Firstly there is the drinks trolley - which comes round only once so it pays to get all you want for the flight in one go. Then the food service comes round. On US flights there is a choice of food - on UK flights, you'll only get one meal selection After the empty trays or waste has been collected, there is no more service, however if you press the call button, the crew are generally pretty prompt at coming to you.Icelandair Classes, Seats and Fleet Icelandair used to operate just one aircraft type, the Boeing , in two variants, however Boeing has stopped production of the type because of the lack of orders, so Icelandair may be forced to switch to a new type soon.

Southwest leads a survey of award availability on 25 airlines, along with Air Canada, Turkish and JetBlue; American makes a big move to open up seats. Betting that bigger is better, Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced their intention to merge into Europe’s largest air carrier last week.

The new airline would combine Europe’s. Flightglobal is the global aviation community’s primary source of news, data, insight, knowledge and expertise. We provide news, data, analytics and advisory services to connect the aviation.

Oct 01,  · Air France-KLM would be the world's largest carrier by revenue, with a combined billion euros ($ billion) and a combined million passengers a year. This case recites the history of KLM in merging with Air France since before the merger until today. The case demonstrates how two brands with strong national identity are kept separate long after.

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