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During the course, the instructor will answer your questions by email, provide you with feedback on your assignments, and lead optional text chat sessions to discuss the materials and assignments. Kitty Bucsko has been teaching business communications and computer technology courses for over 30 years including courses for the Canadian Institute of Management.

Business reports and presentations online

Table of Contents The purpose of the table of contents is to provide the reader with an overview of the report topics and to help the reader to locate the topic.

The listings in the table of contents are usually the headings that are used in the report and their initial page numbers i. It is important that the table of contents is prepared after the report is prepared; otherwise, mistakes are probable.

Report Business reports typically have an introduction to the report, the body of the report, conclusions, and recommendations. Introduction The introduction of the report sets the scene for the report to follow.

Background—events leading up to the problem or need. Problem or purpose—explains what the report topic is. Significance—explains why the topic important.

business reports and presentations online

Scope—tells what is included and what is excluded in the report. Organization—previews the structure of the report. Methodology—describes secondary sources and details how primary data were collected. Body of the Report The body of the report is the principal section of the report.

Contents of This Chapter

The purpose is to discuss, analyze, interpret, and evaluate the research findings or solutions. It is best to use clear headings for each major section to help the reader to navigate through the report.

It is important to use your words economically; do not repeat yourself except for emphasis, and do not pad the report with words that do not contribute to your message e. Other hints for the body of the report are to be consistent with the name or acronym you choose to refer to the target of your investigation, use it throughout the report i.

Conclusions The conclusions tell what the findings mean. This must be tied to the discussion within the body of the report i. The conclusions are often combined with the recommendations. Recommendations When requested, the recommendations give precise suggestions of different courses of action and their justifications.

The writers of the report must use appropriate language e.


Appendices Appendices are used for incidental or supporting materials that are relevant to the findings of the report and important to some readers but not necessarily to all.

Using appendices helps send the message that you have done a thorough job.Affordable Business Support Services To Help You Operate Your Business Efficiently and Effectively. Presentations, Market Research, Legal Consulting. Equity Research Reports and Presentations Our mission is to build a culture of inquiry and foster data-informed decision making by providing research services, expertise, and coaching to the Mesa campus community in support of the college’s institutional effectiveness.

Year End Results — Alexei Thouckhlov, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer.

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