Auditorium design case study

We humans love to experience story-telling: When designing any venue, the intended types of performance provide clues about the shape and size of the room, the desired feeling of intimacy and collective engagement, and the overall distribution of seats within the room as related to the performers on stage. Performance Type The Essential Question:

Auditorium design case study

Make daylighting a priority, especially in classrooms. Daylighting is the controlled admission of natural light into a space. Glare and hot spots can undermine the learning process.

Studies show a positive correlation between daylighting and student performance. Integrate daylighting with high-efficient electric lighting and controls to optimize visual comfort.

Use natural ventilation when possible. This and daylighting also provides a connection to the outdoors. Poor classroom acoustics are more than merely annoying. If young children are unable to hear their teacher, they usually are unable to "fill in the blanks" as adults with life experience are able to do, and this can disrupt learning.

Ensure superior indoor air quality. Children typically are more sensitive to indoor air pollutants than adults and more likely to suffer ill effects such as allergies and asthma.

Consider displacement ventilation systems. Give teachers control over the temperature of individual classrooms. Embrace the concept of the building as a teaching tool aka a 3-D textbook or living lab.

Connect the indoor environment to the outdoors by providing operable view windows in classrooms and easy access from classrooms to gardens and other outdoor areas that can be utilized in the curriculum. Skylights are used to distribute natural daylight to the classrooms, library, multipurpose room, and offices of this —student, K—5 school.

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Louvers installed in the skylight wells help control daylight levels and can be used to darken rooms when necessary. Classroom windows provide additional daylight and are protected by deep overhangs that control direct sunlight and glare.

Providing safe schools should be a high priority. Maximize visual access to corridors and school grounds. Increase occupants' sense of ownership and "territoriality" by providing comfortable, not institutional, rooms and by clearly defining the school boundaries.

Control access to the building and grounds by individuals and vehicles. Provide shelter in cases of emergency.

Accommodate safe egress from the building in case of emergency. Designing sustainable, high performance green schools. Use energy, water, and other resources efficiently. Integrate renewable energy strategies, including passive solar design and, where appropriate, solar thermal and photovoltaics.

Integrate high-performance mechanical and lighting systems. Conserve and protect natural areas. Provide barriers that protect children and plants and wildlife. Provide opportunities for safe walking and bicycling to school.

Rain is "harvested" from the roof of this —student, K—5 school, and used to water the grounds and flush the toilets year round.Multi Purpose Auditorium Case Study. M-Vision used in multi-purpose Auditorium.

A+V Sp. z o.o, a leading systems integration company based in Wrocław, This project included the design of multimedia systems, audio and integrated control.

Auditorium Lighting. Expert contributor: Jason Osterman of Altman Lighting The Goal and Approach. An auditorium lighting design needs to provide two fundamental components. The first part is the illumination needs of . Multi Purpose Auditorium Case Study M-Vision used in multi-purpose Auditorium A+V Sp.

z o.o, a leading systems integration company based in Wrocław, recently installed a multi-purpose auditorium utilising a Digital Projection M-Vision 3D projector. Find and save ideas about Auditorium design on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Auditorium Architecture, Auditorium and Theater Architecture.

Design for sound Case Study – Kent University Seat Round Auditorium | MACH Acoustics See more. Qingdao Grand Theater.

Auditorium Seating Layout & Dimensions – The Complete Guide.

Auditorium design case study

Welcome to “The Complete Guide to an Auditorium Seating Layout and Dimensions”! Acoustics and Auditoriums: 30 Sections to Guide Your Design The Auditorium / Paredes Pedrosa How to Design Theater Seating, Shown Through 21 Detailed Examp.

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